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Wooden Pallet


Wooden pallets are widely used commonly utilized in the shipping sector. Because the materials utilized in production are readily available, robust, durable, economical, and rapid to produce, is repairable simple to keep, can sustain product weights of roughly 1-2 tons, and most importantly, a variety of wooden pallets are available for use based on usage and product placement.

Pallets are made from rubber wood (parawood), hardwood, mixed deciduous woods (Benjaphan) , and dipterocarp wood. Heat treatment of wooden pallet is accomplished by maintaining a temperature in the center of the wood core of at least 56 degrees celsius for a continuous period of time 30 minutes in accordance with ISPM15, and with a certification seal (IPPC).

Let's customize wooden pallets the look to meet your specific requirements. You can provide us with the dimensions, thickness, breadth, and length of the pallet. The wooden pallets have the following formats:

  • Wooden pallet (standard: 3-Stringer Pallet)

  • Wooden pallet (4-Stringer Pallet)

  • Double-sided wooden pallet

  • Dice-style wooden pallets

Plastic Pallet

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